Welcome Back

Wow! What an old feeling! Several years back when my husband and I were knee deep in raising 7 children, all under the age of 12, I blogged. I hoped many people found encouragement through this. I found a way to process. But as life so often goes, that was 4 years ago, life changes, and times change. We only have 5 children now (don't worry, 2 of our children from foster care were adopted by an aunt) and we closed out foster license. I wish I had enough space to share the pains and joys of this experience, but for now let's move forward.

Hello again to those of you who shared your time with me as you read through each of my words. That was an honor for me. And welcome to those who didn't know me before.

So, to the point. Over the past 8 years, I have gone through a Master's Degree program, fought for a supervised licensed, and worked towards and independent licensure in the counseling field. To those of you who know this feeling, I don't think it could be better stated than "I HAVE ARRIVED." Well... sort of. 

I have arrived in the sense of opening the doors to a vision I have dreamed of over the past 5 years. I have seen so many disparities in the needs of children in mental health service and the quality/ availability of services that meet these needs. My dream has been to open a clinical that is that "Mayo of Mental Health" for lack of better words. I want to be able to provide counseling for children, adults, and families. I would like to provided assessments that families fight so hard to get. I dream of blood panel draws and metal/ mineral testings that can shed light on such struggles such as anxiety and depression. I would love to support families with getting their children on IEPs, 504s, DDD services through advocacy. This is all my dream and so much more I keep going on about. (Rest assured you will hear more.)

But much like my journey through grad school and licensure was long and sometimes unforgiving, I know this dream is only the beginning of journey, but the dream has been born... and we call it Dawn Institute: Trauma Resilience Counseling.

The seedling of Dawn Institute consists of providing children, adults, and families with resilience focused trauma counseling. I am so excited to see how this dream grows and were this dream goes.

I'm sure in the coming weeks you will hear more from me.