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Parent Informational Meeting

We will be hosting a Parent Webinar on Tuesday, September 17th and 8 PM. All are welcome to jump on and hear what will be taught and answer any questions you might have. CLICK HERE to join the meeting. (You will need to download Zoom)

Beautifully Strong  - Teen Girl Workshop

1 out of 4 girls is sexually abused before the age of 18.  Let’s Prevent #metoo.

How do we teach girls to embrace the beauty of being female while not being blindsided by those who prey on their vulnerable side?
Our goal is to help prepare them find hope and success while staying clear of the pitfalls.

Beautifully Strong is an interactive workshop for teen girls, created to celebrate what it means to be female while learning how to navigate today's challenges. We will spend the day teaching young women to identify red flags while equipping them with tools to stand strong while leaning into what makes them beautiful. Our hope is to instill the wisdom to recognize mistreatment and give them strength to overcome these challenges, so that no girl feels alone.

Our goal is to answer 4 questions:

  1. Who are we as female? We will learn how our biological strengths and vulnerabilities impact our lives.

  2. What are the risks we face today? We will learn how to identify red flags in situations from friendships, dating, to human trafficking.

  3. How do we be wise? We learn tools to use to avoid bad situations.

  4. How do we be strong? We will discuss what to do if you are already in a bad situation and how to get out safely.

Event Details

Saturday, September 21st 9am - 3pm
Grand Canyon University

*Lunch will be provided by Chick-fil-a

Girls in 8th-12th Grade

*There will be a brief parent
orientation available before the event.

1 Child             $20
2 Children       $30
3 Children       $40

Contact us a for group rates.

Spread the word! The Beautifully Strong Workshop is open to all girls in 8th-12th grade. Download our flyer or share the link to this page.

Be Beautiful. Be Strong. #beautifullystrong #preventmetoo

Your Hosts

Beautifully Strong is hosted by Crystal Krueger and Lorie Kinman.  These sisters have a passion for raising healthy, wise and strong daughters. In their own challenges and struggles to learn about the importance of training their daughters, they have joined together to share their wisdom to help other parents on the same journey.


Crystal Krueger, LMFT is a certified trauma professional with a child advocacy center in The Valley, working with children and teens.  Early into parenting, Crystal felt a call in her life to work with children and families.  She has earned her master’s degree from Ottawa University and has since focused her growth and experience on understanding the impact of childhood trauma.  She teaches trauma-informed care to professionals, parents, and foster/adoptive parents around the state.  Crystal also teams with Arizona Department of Public Safety in the Interdiction for the Protection of Children, teaching patrol officers about the impact of trauma and understanding how to work with children using a victim-centered approach.  Crystal is passionate about the work she does and hopes to spread knowledge and prevention of trauma throughout the community.

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Lorie Kinman has been leading women ministries for the last 10 years. Living and leading a generational change by example, and passionately engaged to train ladies to be strong women, mothers, and wives.  Through education and open dialogue, Lorie believes women can encourage each other to make a difference in our world. As an owner/partner at Auto Body World Collision Repair for over 15 years, she understands the struggles and changes that face professional business women in the workplace. She currently works for the Surge Network, engaging leaders across the valley in community transformation. It was while raising her own daughters that she saw the need to help educate teen girls of the vulnerabilities that they face in our culture.  She solicited the help of Crystal to bring you this practical workshop, Beautifully Strong.

Beautifully Strong is a training through the Dawn Institute LLC. Offering child trauma therapy to families in the Phoenix Area.