Our Story

Our story begins with the convergence of three separate roads traveled by three similar personalities. This would make sense though because “our” story includes my dad, my sister, and myself, thus explaining the similar personalities. My dad was recently retired. My sister was recently psuedo-retired. And me, I was just beginning my career.

At this time, I had been in the mental field long enough to see a significant disparity in counseling services. While working with children who were victimized, I knew for many of them counseling alone could not offer the full extent of healing. For instance, if a child has a low serotonin (a “feel good” neurotransmitter created in the gut) level, that child could go to counseling all day long but that may not be able to fix the serotonin problem. In an effort to truly help clients, I found myself suggesting they see a primary care physician or naturopath for extensive blood panels, trying to walk caregivers through the referral process for getting neuropsychological and developmental assessments, and I was hitting a lot of barriers. Some caregivers simply didn’t have the time, some were given the run around. For most, it was challenge after challenge.

Then the birth of a revolutionary idea: Could this all be available under one roof? And as many ideas happen, the thought faded quickly and I was onto my next client.

As all of this was happening, my sister and I began developing Beautifully Strong, a conference for teen girls that came from our own desire to keep our daughters safe in spite of the challenges they face today.

Fast forward to lunch with my dad, who, much as myself (and my sister), gets bored VERY easily. As I talked with him that afternoon, stepping onto my soapbox of disparities in my field, the challenges in healing for families, and flippantly breezing past a “Wouldn’t it be neat if...” story about my idea, something stuck for him. He saw a vision from an idea.

After, this we wrangled in my sister who has created a reputation for herself in taking idea turned vision into an action. We spent the next year dreaming, brainstorming, planning, and arguing a little. And Dawn Institute was born... almost. Some of the pieces were still not quite ready to be put together.

However, after 5 years of working with with traumatize children I have reached the a paramount success in my career. I am now able to practice independently. This means that the Dawn Institute is ready to launch.

The infancy of Dawn Institute is Trauma Resiliency Counseling with an integrative mindset, hoping that in the coming years we will become the home for all of the services we believe in, including developmental and neuropsychological assessment, blood panels, and advocacy services. Dawn Institute also includes Beautifully Strong, as educational support for teen girls to remain wise and strong when encountering adversity. We exist out of the passion to see families find their capacity and resilience despite adversity.