Trauma Informed Care

This training assists participants in understanding the basic neurobiology of trauma, symptomology of trauma, and ways to provided trauma informed care. This training is designed to be custom fit for many settings and has been modified to train foster and adoptive parents, professional and paraprofessionals, attorneys, law enforcement, school staff, school psychologists, and faith groups.

In Utero Substance Exposure

Participants will develop a better understanding and comprehension of the impact of in-utero substance exposure on neurodevelopment, sensory needs, and attachment with children. Learn ways to help children who have been exposed in-utero through caring for their whole needs, such as sensory integration, understanding behavior and ways to effectively discipline, and needs unique to children that are preschool age and older.

Beautifully Strong

Beautifully Strong is an interactive workshop for teen girls, created to celebrate what it means to be female while learning how to navigate today's challenges. Our goal is to train young women to identify red flags and provide them with tools to stand strong while leaning into what makes them beautiful. Our hope is to instill the wisdom to recognize mistreatment and give them strength to overcome these challenges, so that no girl feels alone.


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